All projects are important to us. We work with a variety of clients starting with dental small offices as well as big dental clinics and healthcare centers. Whether it’s dental equipment supply, renovation, addition, or new construction, every project receives attention to detail. We carefully control the construction process to ensure that no element is overlooked and every client is completely satisfied with their project.

We offer additional services such as dental equipment selection assistance, maintenance service, structural design by an experienced architect, and computer-assisted interior design. Additionally, we provide technical support - emergency tech service 24/7.

Our Mission

With a premium quality design and construction in dental, healthcare and other departments as well as professional equipment selling, we are committed to consistently outperform the industry and deliver excellence, integrity and value. By delivering the highest level of technical and customer services during and long after completion of the project, our clients are assured of our dedication to building lasting relationships in our business as well as in the community.

Our Credentials

CustomMedicalDentalDesign is licensed, bonded, and insured. In addition to our years of successful service in Washington and surrounding areas are the positive testimonials from our many satisfied clients.